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A proud, tormented warrior...
Laird Taveon Kraig would do anything to recover a magical amulet powerful enough to break the curse that has plagued his clan for a hundred years—even marry a woman determined to hate him. But the beautiful—albeit boldly defiant—woman stirs his passion like no other. He never dreamed his quest would involve surrendering his heart.

A blind sculptress…
Having survived two ruthless marriages, Viviana Gorini Dè Medici has no desire to take another husband—especially one who wants her most prized possession: a magical amulet that provides her with the gift of sight. Despite her pleas, she is forced into the marriage and sent on a dangerous journey with a man whose charms melt her defenses, whose touch sets her on fire, and whose kiss stirs her body in a way she’s never known.

A wicked enemy…
Surrendering completely to an ecstasy that binds their hearts, neither of them foresees the sinister threat waiting to destroy both of their worlds. In a family torn apart by a centuries old curse, will love be enough to save them all?

“Kimberly Killion does it again!  My Cursed Highlander is wildly sexy and adventurous as a Highland lord hauls a recalcitrant Italian sculptress home to Scotland to remove a devastating curse on his clan.”

–Mary Jo Putney, New York Times Bestselling Author


My Cursed Highlander is a thrilling, sexy, romantic adventure you won’t want to miss! If you’re looking for quality Highland romance, look
no further... Kimberly Killion is at the top of her game.”

–Julianne MacLean, USA Today Bestselling Author



ISBN-13: 978-1467917704
ISBN-10: 1467917702
ASIN: B006JX66I2

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my cursed highlander

2010 Stroke of Midnight Contest
Honorable Mention ~ Historical Category
Sponsored by Passionate Ink RWA®

2010 Romance through the ages
2nd Place ~ Paranormal Category
Sponsored by Hearts Through History RWA®

fBy far one of the best contest entries I’ve ever read! The hero gives me butterflies and a blind heroine is VERY intriguing.  The paranormal elements are woven deftly into the story and the setting is original and vivid.f
—RTTA Contest Judge, Score: 150/150

fEverything about your characters draws the reader in. You’ve put the reader in the perspective of a blind woman beautifully, using her senses to guide us on her journey.f
—RTTA Contest Judge, Score: 150/150

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