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I just finished Her One Desire, and now I am on a mission to acquire Highland Dragon! I take my reading ,S-E-R-I-O-U-S-L-Y! All manner of romance appeals to me, but for years, I have been a devoted Julie Garwood fan...reading and re-reading her work. I never thought I could find another author to compare--until I read you! Truly, you are a maestro of the written word. I loved your characters and their dialogue. The entire book was flawless...I even cried! I cannot tell you how rarely that has happened. Don't change a thing -- write, write, write! I will not be able to collect your books fast enough! Thank you for sharing your talent.Belinda from Alabama

OMG! I just finished your book, Her One Desire, in the early hours of this morning and then immediately started on Highland Dragon and stayed up, all night reading the firsty half of it. I Love Them! Thank you so much for bringing your awesome talent to all of your faithful fans!!Susie from Oregon

I just had to send you a quick note to say... I would read your grocery list!!! You are truly fantastic!!! I was hooked on your first book [Her One Desire] and could not wait for Highland Dragon. I just finished it. LOVED IT!!!Jenai

I have only just started reading your book. It is brilliant and so hard to put down. It was only the need for sleep that I did! I read lots of books, my cupboards are full, and so I can quite easily say from my experience, your book ranks with the best! There are many books out there that are very good reads, but not that many that "grab" you. My only disappointment is that your next book does not come out until next year!

Thank you for whisking me away to a different time and place, and I look forward to many more books to come.Cheryl from England

I just have to say after reading [Her One Desire], that it has been a sincere pleasure adding it to my book shelf. I normally read and discard (helps declutter an already cluttered bookshelf) my books. Even if it may pain me to do so at times. But yours is going up and next to my other new favorite author Lisa Valdez-Passion. I love discovering new reads with a fresh and captivating story. Yours was that and more. Thank you for heeding your call to write and doing so, so well. I am cleaning my bookcase in anticapation of your future books.Nancy

I just finished your book, Her One Desire, and had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed it. Broc is now at the top of my "Favorite Hero" list. :) Her One Desire is exactly the kind of book I enjoy the most. The story was fast paced, suspenseful, and full of wonderful historical details that didn’t overpower the love story. I really liked how you wrote Lizzy. She was intelligent, courageous and very likable. I can’t wait until Highland Dragon is released. Like Her One Desire, it will have a permanent spot on my keeper shelf.
Jennifer from Washington

Just wanted to let you know that I’m right in the middle of Her One Desire, work has kept me so busy I haven’t been able to finish it yet… but one of [my friends] called me to tell me that it was one of the best books she’s read all year. So of course we spent 30 minutes talking about why we loved it, and I had to stop the conversation short because I’m not done with it yet!Marrisa

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much I am absolutely loving Her One Desire. I started it yesterday and was up until 4:00am because I couldn't put it down. Broc and Lizzy are fantastic together and he is a hero - one to die for.

While Broc is an amazing hero and he has all the qualities that I look for in a historical hero; strong, dependable, honorable and willing to die for the woman he loves - it is Lizzy who makes this book with her strength and her courage. As my frustration with historicals grows because they've become 'too modern' and my biggest annoyance is the heroine has become GI Jane in a corset, resembling a 21st century heroine rather than a heroine true to her time - I loved Lizzy! She shows that a historical heroine's character doesn't have to be drastically changed to placate today's readers who get offended by the past. She is totally kicking ass with her quite determination and her newfound strength and I'm not even done with the book yet.

You did a fabulous job with Lizzy - I'm almost at the end and she is so lovely and she's simply one of the best heroines I've read in a long time.Charina from New York




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