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A Victorian ménage a quatre novella


Kimberly Killion is an author I have enjoyed reading since her debut in 2008. Her writing is witty, sexy and quickly pulls you in to the story. And this novella is no different. But this is not your traditional romance story. There is a happily ever after, even though it is very unconventional. While I am more of a traditional romance reader, I still enjoyed this story. It is a fun read with a great twist at the end. If you are looking for a great quick read, one that is scorching hot and by no means conventional, then this novella is for you.

Buffie, The Romance Dish

A Romance Review

Educating Aphrodite is a stimulating and engaging sensual ride. Alexandra’s struggle between her burgeoning desires and the life she’d envisioned for herself with her husband and her growing attraction for Delacroix is a delight to witness as readers are taken along on her sensuous adventure. Kimberly Killion has woven a titillating tale that is sure to set pulses racing and have readers on the edge of their seats until the end. Kimberly Killion has created such wonderfully and unapologetically sexual characters that can’t help but capture readers attention and are sure to have readers begging for more.

Claudia, A Romance Review

Night Owl Romance

The 'education' of Alexandra was steamy as you could want. Whether its Vincent's course in how to talk dirty or Daphne's course in how to please a man with your mouth, Alexandra definitely was an apt pupil.

In hindsight, after the ending, a lot of small details that stood out to me made a lot more sense. Alexandra's inability to see her son, Daphne's seeming familiarity and position in the house that wasn't really in line with her professed job (as a servant) and even Sebastian's cool indifference to his wife. Like I said, Killion turns it around neatly and gives us a plausible explanation.

Definitely worth giving a shot!

Lexile, Night Owl Romance

Want to be swept away with a hot regency with a surprise ending? Then look no further than Rita award nominated Kimberly Killion. I must say, I enjoyed the short, yet engaging ebook from Ms. Killion.

Educating Aphrodite is the story of Countess Alexandra Falkner and her cold marriage with her husband, the insatiable Earl of Warwick. After the birth of her fi rst son, Alexandra longs for the passionate relationship she had with her husband. She seeks help from the devilish Vincent Delacroix to rekindle her marriage. With Vincent’s help, she sets a plan in motion: she will learn how to entice her husband by participating in an erotic play called Aphrodite.

What she finds during her training is that not only is she learning how to be
a temptress, but she might be falling for Delacroix as well.

If you love hot historicals with impeccable writing, Educating Aphrodite should be on the top of your list.

Review by Shawntelle Madison



ISBN-13: 9781419932298
ISBN: 1419932292

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The Romance Dish

A Romance Review

Night Owl Romance

Shawntelle Madison


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