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Do you remember the teacher who made a difference in your life?

I do. His name was Dr. Krantz. He was my mythology teacher. While attending college near Kansas City, I was working toward a Bachelor in Fine Arts when I discovered I had to take an elective. I pulled "Mythology" out of a hat, and it was there I found Dr. Krantz. The book wasn't Romeo and Juliet, as you might suspect, but Dante's Inferno-a Divine Comedy indeed. Talk about an intriguing read.

Sure, I bought Cliffs Notes—I was eighteen. With a three-hour block of nude figure drawing and rocks to sculpt, who has time to read? Well, I read it. Cover to cover, after which, I read Oedipus, The Iliad, The Odyssey, and a few other Greek tragedies.

I walked away with, not only an "A" in the class, but a love for all things tragic, passionate, and historic. I did receive a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, with which I have enjoyed a rewarding career as a graphic designer for more than fifteen years. I moved on from the ancient authors of yesteryear and became engrossed in the writings of Julie Garwood, Teresa Medeiros, and Gaelen Foley — just to name a few.

Although an artist by profession, I traded my paintbrush for a pen about ten years ago. After writing and illustrating a mystical world of fairies, I began to explore the realm of romance novels. Currently, I work part-time as a College Instructor in St. Louis, Missouri. It is here that I bring my passion for words and the arts into the grueling boredom of lecture to spark the lives of hundreds of young minds.

I reside in Illinois with my two children and a gaggle of cats. I'm a proud member of Romance Writers of America® and Missouri RWA. In addition, I am a member of Hearts Through History as well as PASIC and Novelist, Inc. It is within these organizations where I have found a great deal of support, along with a wealth of knowledge from seasoned authors, workshops, critique groups, and friendly camaraderie.

Every day is a new beginning, as I discover a fascinating character in every person I meet. With every puckered brow or mischievous smile, there's a hero evolving and a heroine fast at his heels.



(Well, I act 27)

My family,
my students,
coffee, whisky
hot guys

Teresa Medeiros
Julie Garwood

My sister chasing me
with spiders


I'm afraid of balloons

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